Custom Solutions for the Railway Industry
We work as your solution partner from the simplest needs of rail systems to the most complex solutions.
About Us

Founded in 2016 in Istanbul, ONRAY Engineering Machinery Industry and Trade Ltd. Since 2008, it has taken over the mission of our family operating in the sector. It mainly produces and sells spare parts, measurement and test instruments, rail connection systems, rail fastening systems, and auxiliary materials to the companies that lay the line. It meets the needs of 8 factories established in Turkey and 3 production lines established abroad. Our company is the largest integrated facility in our country and in the nearby geography in terms of production capacity.

Onray Engineering is not only limited to its geography but also utilizes its knowledge and experience in the sector by exporting to 4 continents and 16 countries of the world.

Onray; takes over the flag that has been waving in the sector since 2008 and accelerates its necessary work every day to carry it further and higher.


“Today, if you are doing the same things you did yesterday, you are living yesterday.”


Onray has made it a philosophy to produce ideal solutions without sacrificing quality in order to solve all the problems experienced and to be experienced in the sectors it serves;

  • To provide fast, high quality and economical service to customer demands,
  • Improving our manufacturing methods and range every day, increasing our capacity,
  • Not to compromise on the warranty and return procedure in its products and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction,
  • Improving the machinery park to respond to the needs and demands of the day,


  • To have valid international quality certificates in our production,
  • To make an environmentally sensitive and respectful production,
  • We will be in security and customer-oriented working principles,
  • We will be in harmony with all the customers we serve,
  • That we will help our employees to develop,
  • We will abide by commercial ethics and principles during all our commercial activities,
  • We accept and commit as Onray management.